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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Projection Mapping is an evolving event trend in the event industry.

Live 3D Projection Mapping

When it comes to AV at an event, event managers always choose the best, it is one of the critical elements in executing an event. How can we differentiate or make it more interactive with our audience?

Let's say you are launching a new AC product with the best tech features and the theme for your event is garden.

Imagine walking into a product launch expecting some impressive lights, long presentations and the surprising reveal of the product, happening at a garden or with a venue decorated with garden props.

Now imagine as you walk into the venue you hear birds, you feel a cool breeze and as you look around, you are surrounded by life-like plants, flowers, birds etc. The venue looks more like a serene garden than a corporate environment.

You will be able to truly transform a venue, as an event manager stretch your imagination as there are no real limits with projection mapping.

How can you make this happen?

At its simplest, projection mapping is projecting an imagery/ video on a flat surface. This provides an engaging environment to your audiences through visual simulation. It could be 2D/ 3D projection, the latter however known to produce mind bending visual displays.

Where will you project?

We don't have to map the entire venue, certain focal points where your guests are more likely to visit - that draws your audience eye would be the best place for project mapping. Larger the space, the more projectors you will need.

What can you project?

You could project any kind/size of image, depending on our audience. Say at a wedding it would be eye catching to project a small image on the wedding cake or at the entrance way. For a large pool of audience a large projection, a mirage on the wall would definitely grab their attention

Make sure you plan projection mapping for your event well in advance and that it is cohesive with your event. Projection mapping elevates your event, a supporting technology to the value you want to deliver. Have an understanding of what you want and be precise in explaining to your AV partner.