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IS Event Management your cup of tea?

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

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Event Management Professionals

To the outside world, event industry is a big bash of entertainment, organizing and unlimited fun world. There is so much more to this business, so many different roles, people involved and the various tech and systems used.

Rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm - Joseph Addison

Event Industry in itself is a paradox. The most important factor when planning an event is Order. The very fundamental thing missing in the industry is Order.


One secret that every event manager guards is that 85% of the time the event doesn't happen according to the plan. That doesn't mean the event wasn't a success. Planning and the actual event have two different outcomes.

Organizing Skills

Are you an organized person? Do you like making plans (How M.O.N.I.C.A are you?)

This could be both a gift and a curse in Event Management. Too many people are involved in working for an event, which means there could be a thousand things that may go wrong. This could either make you or break you.

You could plan, make sketched, have a checklist but there may always be one factor or one person that doesn't go/act according to the plan. Execution of the event involves a quick thinking mind and a brain that doesn't quit under pressure.


Connections and networking is important in event management, but building relationships overtime is what matters the most. Volunteering is a good way to make your name in the industry, to get to know many people and decide how and who you want to be known as.

Big picture with small things

Attention to detail is very critical in the industry. A minor mismatch could be a big deal for your customer. It is all about perspective, your client's. Focus on the small things with the big picture view is an art that you have to master.

Have some fire in you.





Computer skills.

Attention to detail.

Big picture.

There is no one type of person suited for any particular industry. The same goes for event management. You could be an introvert/extrovert, it is all about adapting, your attitude, passion and thirst for knowledge.