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How powerful is your event's first impression??

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

We are built to size up each other. First impressions matter whether its a place, person or an event. When we first see a person, a number of factors influence our opinion about them - looks, how they carry themselves, voice, emotions and many more. We tend to get attached to our initial impressions of people and may find it hard to change our opinion bout them even when we come across evidences that are to the contrary.

First impressions last

An event pretty much work the same way. The attendees are struck by the first impression of your event and they are influenced by a number of factors:


A sports event's first impression

Whether you event is big or small, they way you present it matters. From the welcome board to keeping the venue tidy to setting up a proper registration system for the event, this would be the initial impression of an event. Avoid queues- Attendees are excited to attend your event, so let's not keep them waiting! A minute or two is good but a waiting time more than that may be avoided.


Have a personalized welcome, if your attendees have been to one of events before, make it a point to welcome them back. Personalized seating arrangements are a great way to make them feel connected to your event in an instant.


Your event floor plan must be easy to understand, keep enough sign boards to direct your attendees seamlessly. Make your team visible - your attendees should be able to identify your team easily from the crowd and everyone in your team needs to be clear on the event purpose, seating order and venue map. If your hiring temporary staff, a prior briefing is required including cross training as everyone in the team needs to know the happening of all your event aspects.

It's easy to overlook the small things that matter at an event! Attention to detail matters a lot and your first impression demands your attention a great amount!