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Corporate event branding

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Corporate events are a great way to connect with your stakeholders, suppliers, dealers, distributors, customers & employees. Designing your event in bring out your corporate brand identity through subtle ways is a spectacular way to promote your brand and registering them in your client's mind.

The ultimate guide to corporate event branding

There are many types of corporate events to begin with. Some of them are listed below:

1) Conferences

2) Trade shows

3) Incentive trips

4) Meet with clients

5) Annual events

6) Product Launch

7) Award functions

All corporate events are not executed the same way. We choose different strategic locations based on the type of event we are planning for and how you brand your event differs depending on what kind of event you are planning.

Your company logo is a big part of your branding yes, but there are more ways to merge your brand into an event.


Branding an event starts even before an event happens. Whether you are sending out a digital invite/ paper invite, incorporating your logo colors and a powerful design intrigues people to attend your event.


Create a buzz around you event. If you are participating at a trade show, use social media to your advantage in inviting potentials clients. Whether your planning an award function/ employee retreat/ plantation drive engage your online community and share to the world on how you celebrate your clients and employees.


Make your decor standout and design it such that it conveys your goal. If your company stands for sustainability, personalize the note pads on the tables with reused paper or Eco friendly alternative. Stairs at the location could be used for greater visibility of your brand.


Branded clothing could range from t-shirts, hats to hoodies. It would set you and your employees from the crowd and is the simplest way to brand your company through other people.


From flyers to brochures, make a range of marketing material that people can refer to. At trade shows & exhibitions where your customers get a lot of marketing materials from different customers, providing them with your branded bags would be a great way for your brand advertisement.


A goodie bag is loved by most people and the bag should be filled with at least 2 gifts. The gifts need not be expensive but should reflect your business and be of use to people. Gift an everyday product that will be useful and include a gift coupon to retain them.